When clear vision and profound intuitive skills are needed, I can provide the clarity needed. With over thirty years experience, I have encountered many difficult questions and understand the "why" of events.  It takes experience to delve into situations and bring powerful insights to people.  


Channeling: the highest skill to bring to any reading. This is access to the highest realms of light, bringing the solutions required for any question. Access can be to your Higher Self, Metatron, your guides and Masters and Angels. Most popular reading.

Palmistry, the study of the hand! So fascinating! Did you know number of children and type of work you can do best all show in your hand? The future is accessed as well!  

Numerology:  numbers play an important part in life. Numbers can bring success and identify strengths and weakness. It is so fun and can be applied almost everywhere in life! Your birth date is most important for life purpose. 

Tarot: this ancient art is so accurate and enlightening! Seeing the future play out in colorful cards is fun too! Questions are answered and it is remarkable how this tool shows so many details!

Past Lives: finding out one's past is essential to knowing one's self. Many issues can be cleared this way! 

Astrology: learning about your blueprint for this life can empower you to make all the changes you need to! 

Medium: contacting those past or spirit guides is the best information to bring peace in the present! 

Clairvoyance is the talent of seeing without vision physically. It is the "knowing" of events. It can be developed to a powerful skill of knowing with confidence and sharing that knowing.