The New Archangel Oracle cards are amazing to play with! Following are some layouts you can use!

The three card layout: this traditional layout helps you see the three New Archangels that now are present for you. Shuffle the cards, or just pick three cards in your own way. Lay them out one at a time:

first card: The Angel that has been with you the most recently. He or she has already assisted you. Think about recent events and any help or solutions you have seen.

Second card: The Angel that is NOW in this moment, stepping in to be with you. Hold the card, feel the energy. Ask the Angel to assist you or someone you want help for. If you are looking for new work, this Angel is the most helplful. This is for ANY IMMEDIATE CONCERN YOU HAVE!

Third card: This Angel is waiting to assist. He/she has seen your situation and is ready to be with you. Just hold that card and feel the energy. Tell the Angel how he/she could help you. This Angel is close for one month! He/she waits in the wings to be of assistance.