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Sheryl Watson

Sheryl Watson

Sheryl Watson has over thirty years experience as a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Palmist and Channel. She has studied, practiced and taught Palmistry, Psychic Development, Numerology, Tarot, Past Life Regression therapy and Ascension techniques.

A professional intuitive, Sheryl has assisted thousands as an advisor and teacher at Metaphysical stores, events and in private practice. She is committed to assisting people by providing clear, accurate guidance.

Sheryl is the channel and author for The New Archangels. These incredible beings are becoming well-known to people as powerful protectors, each with amazing wisdom. They assist healers, spiritual teachers, and others in enlarging their visions of success, whispering words of encouragement, opening doors to new endeavors, and new healing modalities. People in other walks of life enjoy the presence of peace and the clear direction provided by these Anchors of Light on our Earth.

A book and Oracle cards are being channeled and written by Sheryl. People are amazed at the channeled messages Sheryl brings forth from the New Archangels. They align themselves with people and a session connecting to them is just breath-taking!

Sheryl is a gifted channel of the Ascended Masters, conducting monthly Metatron channels and performing personal channeled readings for clients. Her connection to the Ascended Masters provides guidance from the highest level!

Sheryl teaches classes including, Palmistry, Intuitive Development, Connect to Your Highest Purpose, Learn to Channel, and Spirit Guide connection.  Call for schedule: 303 688 1245


Get ready for an amazing time!

A session with Sheryl provides clarity and loving honesty that is rare. Utilizing her many skills, she brings the guidance and clear answers you desire.


Clairvoyance talent enables Sheryl to see who assists you – be it a relative from the other side or a wonderful Guide.

What messages do they have for you? Learn their names and how to connect to them! People you know that have passed are accessed and their messages relayed to you.


A channeled reading is the most powerful information you can receive. Accessing divine consciousness, Sheryl brings messages for your soul.

The channel might be Metatron or your guides. Your personal questions are addressed as well as important spiritual information that you need. Amazing!

The New Archangels

Sheryl channels the New Archangels! These true Archangels, newly created for the Great Ascension, bring valuable and unique insight about our ascending world!

Learn about them in a channel or have your own channeled  session to connect to them.  They are very beautiful with gorgeous wings and colors! A book is in the works!

Tarot, Astrology, Numerology

Sheryl is trained in these arts which provide the keys to know the “why” of situations, what is hidden from you, the truth about people and  clear answers to your questions. Very fun and revealing!

Past Life Regression

Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Who do you know now that shared a past life with you?

A regression is a powerful experience. Not hypnosis, but safe recollection and clearing, a session will provide the space for your soul to do the work of releasing your past.

You can know who you have been, and best of all, clear issues that are stumbling blocks in your present life!  Sessions are 1 to 1-1/2 hours and can truly change your life!


Your hands hold your future! The lines, markings and hand and finger shapes reveal your talents and future.

A hand reading will show you how to proceed, the timing of events, health indicators, luck, finances and relationships. Included is a hand print and recording!

A reading can bring answers to your most important questions, show the future possibilities, reveal your Spirit Guides and life purpose. Readings by phone or in person. $95 an hour. Always recorded for you. Have questions? Want to know more? Contact Sheryl directly at 303-688-1245  or Email:



Alabaster Sphinx and Tarantula Nebula (Elements of this image fuSheryl is the channel for Metatron, the powerful Archangel energy known in the Kaballah as the “Crown” on the Tree of Life. Metatron’s immense wisdom oversees our world. She also channels Kuthumi – one of the most powerful Masters that steer the course of our world.
He held a lifetime as St. Francis of Assisi.

Sheryl also channels “The Collective”, a group of powerful beings from many galaxies, now assisting in the great Ascension.

Metatron and Kuthumi’s messages bring powerful predictions of world events, weather changes and events that impact daily life. Energetic downloads are a part of the channel, as is Question and Answer time – answers to your personal questions!

Sheryl channels Metatron/Kuthumi/The Collective in group sessions each month:

The FIRST Wednesday of every month in Littleton 1562 E. Mineral Place, Yoko Felter’s home 303-688-1245 for directions 7 to 9 PM  $20.

The THIRD Thursday at First Spiritual Science Church, 3375 Dahlia st., Denver
303-756-3226   $20  lots of room and very powerful energies!

7-9 PM  $20.  Call for information 303-688-1245.

PERSONAL CHANNELED READINGS are available by appointment. This is a very powerful way to receive answers and guidance!

Call 303-688-1245 to schedule your personal channel session. $95 per hour, recorded for you.

Ascension Academy


Welcome to the Lantolight Ascension Academy!  The Academy is a Mystery School with many initiations and teachings. Focus is on the goal of personal, group and global Ascension.   The Spiritual Hierarchy, Lanto, Thoth and other Ascended Masters of Ascension bring the tools to achieve Ascension to mankind now.

Sheryl Watson is the voice of the Ascended Masters and co-creator with them of the School.  With over thirty years’ experience in spiritual teaching, past life regressions, palmistry and as Metatron/Ascended Masters channel, she brings experience and expert guidance to the school. A clear channel of the Ascended Masters, she has guided many people to higher dimensions and experiences.
Truly a Mastery Training, the Lantolight Ascension Academy prepares initiates for Ascension: one’s highest purpose and service on this plane and the eternity that is next. Here are examples of curriculum and course:

Crown Chakra Initiation
Heart Chakra Initiation
Focus- learn the art of meditation and focus
Aligning and deep connection with personal Master and Guides
Clarity and instruction on Life Purpose
Guided through each level of Ascension, which changes initiate forever – imprinting the energy of the level
Language of Light downloads and instruction
Changing of the DNA to Eternal Life program (break the death and rebirth cycle)
Healing techniques
Personal Guidance-readings for each student-advice on personal concerns
Clearing of past lives
Personal psychic skills identified, utilized and optimized
Life Purpose Activation
Learn to Channel
Future Lives-changing life contracts
Building success in the current lifetime – tools and guidance
Movies for fun and learning!
Field trips – labyrinth, Rocky Mtn. Park vortex

The Lantolight Academy curriculum involves many more meditations and exercises – truly a teaching and initiation! Initiates receive personal guidance and ongoing channeled messages from many great Masters including Lanto, Thoth, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara and Metatron. Truly an honor! The Masters hold the initiate’s hand all the way through!  There is much individual attention given.
The Ascension school is for nine months, two sessions a month. In the past, intitates studied for years under a Master. Now we move quickly-students are graduated in about 9 months. At that time, there is graduation and one is prepared for Ascension. Initiates, now Masters, move into HIGHEST SERVICE to this planet, prepared to meet life’s challenges and bring in the new paradigm.

The school meets in Castle Rock, CO.  Call Sheryl at 303 688 1245, or E-mail:  for more information.

Note from the Masters:

“This Lantolight Ascension Academy is for YOU. Long ago you decided to ascend. It is your natural progression into all you are. Ascension means you can move about the universes unimpeded. No longer drawn to Earth by karma, you break forever the magnetic attachment to the death and rebirth cycle.  As a Master, you co-create new worlds, assist the other fallen planets, and bring Heaven to all the Earths. This learning changes you forever. You break old codes of death in the body, are infused with downloads of light and wisdom, resulting in many changes to the physical and etheric bodies. Think big! This school gets you to and through the doorways of Ascension. There is no limit to where you go next!”


Ascended Masters class $120

Class Fee for Single Class $40

Hand Reading $120

Learn to Channel Workshop $125

CD of Channel $15

Consultations $95

Personal Channeled Reading (most powerful) $95

Channel Group Meeting Fee $20

Course Fee Intuitive Development $160

Melchizedek Method Course Fee $630

One (30 min.) half hour consultation $50

Download of Channel $10

Special Package – Reading, Numerology and Astrology Charts $145

When you are searching for answers to the complicated issues in your life, call Sheryl Watson. With over 30 years experience in Spiritual Counseling, she brings clarity and refreshing insight to your concerns. You will gain peace of mind and finally have the tools and answers you are desiring!

UPCOMING EVENTS for June, 2015

June 6, 2015  BI-LOCATION CLASS  Travel to other dimensions, time and place in this interesting class! Class meets Saturday, June 6, 13 and 20. $120.

It is possible to bi-locate to another time, place and dimension! Bi-location means staying physically in this dimension and projecting one’s spiritual energy to a chosen destination, usually in the future. Participants choose time, dimension and place to experience. It can be a very extraordinary class!

In this three-part class you will travel energetically to a chosen destination, gather information about it, experience it’s energy and return safely back to class. This all under my guidance through guided meditation. Many people have gone to past life destinations to gather pieces of that life that assist now. Other experiences are extraordinary insights into a certain place, such as the Great Sphinx or Stonehenge. It can be very exciting! We keep our experiences positive and exploratory.

This is an exciting, powerful class. It is only limited by your imagination!

Call or email to learn about it: 303-688-1245

June 7, 2015  LANTOLIGHT ASCENSION ACADEMY Class meets June 7, 2015 Sunday & June 27, 2015 Saturday

June 9, 2015  INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT, BEGINNING  Class meets June 9, 16, 23 and 30, all Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9:30 PM here in Castle Rock. Course fee $160.00 You receive a workbook

We all have parts of ourselves that we use to learn more about our world. Our basic senses: sight, hearing, smelling, taste, and touch, all help us navigate our physical world. We have other senses that enable us to know our world in more meaningful ways. Some people mention “a sixth sense”, hunches, or knowing as part of our equipment also.

In this class we explore the psychic/intuitive senses and how they are used with the five basic senses. You will have an opportunity to explore life in different ways, not just relying on the five basic senses only. We will do exercises in class to learn which senses are strongest for you and which are weakest, and then learn how to use them!

Some fun aspects covered in class: (there are more also)

Psychometry (a way to explore an item by holding the item and feeling its vibrations)
Pendulum get yes or no answers to your questions
Clairaudience (hearing) how to open that sense
Clairvoyance (seeing in mind’s eye) how to open that too
Clairsentience (knowing) how to open this and use it too
Automatic writing
ESP cards
Auras (what do those colors mean? Learn to see them!)

Your senses will open, you will experience life more fully and be able to create much better! You will learn to trust what you hear inside, know in your heart and feel in your feelings. This is a positive, alive experience! I know you will love it!

UPCOMING EVENTS for July, 2015

July 5, 2015  WALKING WITH THE MASTERS  WALKING WITH THE MASTERS  July 5, 12 and 19, all Sundays, from 11 AM to 3 PM.   $120. Sign up now!  I have limited space and want you to attend!

You will LOVE this three part course on connections to the Ascended Masters. Our Ascended Masters have achieved highest spiritual growth and attained freedom to live in realms of light, and offer us their teachings of wisdom. They come to us now, to guide us with words, through teachers of light on Earth, reading texts and in our meditations.

This three part class brings two Masters in each class. Now, we are meeting Masters little known, but exceedingly powerful. They might be known to you, but may not be! There are some Masters from other planet systems, Masters more hidden from the human realm, and those whose teachings are from the distant past on Earth, but very important to learn!

Through meditation, visualization and reading, you will meet these very important beings! Time will be spent feeling and communicating with them. Important spiritual skills will be presented to you like the ability to channel, retrieve past lives, change current conditions and more!

This is an experential class, hands on training for Mastery! Get ready to receive and give fantastic gifts of Spirit! You WILL connect, you WILL receive new gifts to use to assist our world!

July 11 & 26, 2015  LANTOLIGHT ASCENSION ACADEMY Class meets July 11, 2015 Saturday & July 26, 2015 


Aug 2, 2015  BI-LOCATION CLASS  Travel to other dimensions, time and place in this interesting class! Class meets Sundays, August 2, 9 and 16. $120. Call or email to learn about it: 303-688-1245

In this three-part class you will travel energetically to a chosen destination, gather information about it, experience it’s energy and return safely back to class. This all under my guidance through guided meditation. Many people have gone to past life destinations to gather pieces of that life that assist now. Other experiences are extraordinary insights into a certain place, such as the Great Sphinx or Stonehenge. It can be very exciting! We keep our experiences positive and exploratory.

This is an exciting, powerful class. It is only limited by your imagination!

Call or email to learn about it: 303-688-1245


August 2, 9 and 16 all Sundays from 2 till 5 PM. WALKING WITH THE MASTERS -THE MIRACLE WORK
CHANGED AND AMAZING! This powerful connection to the Ascended Masters will change your life. This powerful connection to the Ascended Masters will change your life.
There is a shift in this class from just meditating with the Masters to hands on exercises that enable you to begin your Miracle Work. This IS “the time of miracles and wonders – a long distance call”- as Paul Simon said. I am not even sure at this moment how that will show up, but for sure it will. I think the new dynamic shows up in the moment – when you are there, when I am there, when Spirit orchestrates. Certainly there will be steps, concrete exercises and mental processes.

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